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    Risk Management and Organizational Effectiveness

    We are a leading innovative risk leadership consultancy firm working shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients to maximize the value of uncertainties. We do that by addressing both risk management and organizational effectiveness in parallel. Adopting such a holistic approach assures that risk management principles are embedded throughout the organization, creating long-term value for all stakeholders.


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    Our unique approach builds on proven risk management principles combined with the power of crowdsourcing risk. We do that with our innovative proprietary solution Risk Focus TM. Risk managers traditionally work top-down. We add bottom-up views by enabling everybody in the organization to declare uncertainties. Both risks as opportunities, as they are often highly intertwined. Next to energizing your risk management function, this is also a massive boost to people's engagement, especially for those generations seeking extraordinary high levels of involvement. Our approaches enable organizations to grow by taking the right risks for the right reasons, at the right speed. We help our clients embrace uncertainties and make better business decisions.


    “Our world today is filled with unrelenting change and unprecedented challenges. In such an increasingly uncertain environment, leading organizations is more challenging than ever. Executives that weave risk management practices into a leadership mindset and behaviors are best positioned to thrive in the future. Because risk management is not about managing risk, it is about people making better business decisions.”


    Marischa Van Zantvoort

    CEO of Magnifor Consulting

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    Risk Management and Organizational Effectiveness

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    Risk Focus interface - Uncertainties tab screenshot from the Risk Management tool

    We developed an innovative risk management tool to help you transform risks and opportunities into real business value.


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    With Risk Focus TM, you can identify risks and opportunities throughout your organization, assign actions for every declared uncertainty, and monitor and improve performance with executive dashboards.

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