Re-writing the rules of Risk Management

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Leaders who seek breakthrough results must embrace the uncomfortable truth: most risks and opportunities their organisation will register in the coming year are already known by somebody in their organisation today. Knowing these in their earliest stages gives leaders a head-start in response strategies. The antidote is engaging and motivating the entire organisation to quickly identify risks and opportunities as they surface, giving it the ability to make the right decisions, at the right time. Conversely, organisations that fail to embrace modern risk management will likely be overwhelmed as the pace of change accelerates further.

Being a company with a risk culture doesn’t mean avoiding risk. Instead it means taking more risks and grasping more opportunities. The difference is that this is done faster and with more profound insights into the uncertainty. There are higher levels of control and one is to be ahead of market trends and competition.

So how do you ensure that risks and opportunities are seen by the right people in the organisation so that teams can act at the right moment with skill and confidence?