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  • Interim executives

    Our interim executives have been in our clients’ shoes as professionals. They have lived executive jobs and challenging roles in technology, industrial, operations, services, growth, transformation, risk management, and commercial settings.

    They support organizations in navigating crucial transformations, filling leadership gaps, or getting operational upgrades done. They help our clients meet their most ambitious goals by redefining what’s possible and bringing fresh perspectives to the table. Our interim executives work shoulder-to-shoulder with the management team until they have completed the challenge, or the permanent executive is on board.


    Benefits of working with Magnifor's interim executives
    Our seasoned interim executives enable our clients to bring new leadership on board to address immediate needs and stay only as long as required. As a result, they will immediately impact your business goals, benefiting from an exceptional depth and breadth of expertise, with no permanent obligation. Such on-demand senior leadership has distinct advantages. We highlight the three most prominent ones:


    Objectivity. Our interim executives don't seek a long-term career in your organization. They have no hidden agenda; their goal is meeting your goals. As a result, they can bring the most honest and objective perspectives to the table and shake things up in ways that permanent leaders often cannot.

    Speed. Magnifor's interim leaders can be deployed fast, often within days, into your organization. They are usually productive and functional within a few days after day one.

    Competency. Magnifor's interim executives are highly qualified, having achieved a high level of experience and seniority in their field through various senior roles and assignments. They have the skills, knowledge, and agility to apply this fast and effectively.


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  • Growth

    We start and finish with your business objectives. We have a razor-sharp focus on achievable growth and its risks and opportunities.

    Whether you want to grow your profitable sales, open new segments or territories, launch new products, or increase your margin first, our consultants will undoubtedly be able to support you. After the growth trajectory is set in numbers, we will focus on what is needed to get you there and what are barriers to success. Such roadmaps often include both organic growth paths as programmed acquisitions and business integrations.


    We focus on meeting targets with sustainable and inclusive growth. This means growth beyond the short-term financials. It includes conditions to allow people to have fulfilling jobs that stimulate the projected growth while not harming the environment. An equitable work environment must be safe and inclusive, including all workers.


    Working with us in a growth trajectory often means putting people first. Diversity & inclusion, and organizational culture are often areas where growth drivers are found and overlooked. While growth, inclusion, and sustainability are often framed as trade-offs we rather think of them being positively intertwined: ‘and’ not ‘or’. We need all three.


    The most talented people don’t need you – they chose you. And they chose companies that work on growth beyond the numbers.


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  • Transformation

    In our approach we use the traditional why (purpose; why it matters), how (process), and what (results) of the transformation.

    On top of that, we pay attention to the who (people, roles & responsibilities). Who leads the transformation? Who must transform? And who do we transform for? The last stop is the when & where of the transformation; the roadmap forward, the journey ahead, with clear milestones and deliverables.
    Transformation is hard and very different from change. Change looks at how work is done so far and wants to make it cheaper, better, faster, leaner, everything ‘– er’. It has its anchor in the past. The eye looks back and wants to change what is found there.


    Transformation starts with a vision. The eye looks forward and wants to pull that future vision to today’s reality. Transformation has its anchor in the future. Business interventions are executed to realize that vision.


    In doing so, our transformation teams strike a balance between short-term improvement and creating long-term value. Our consultants have an evidenced ability to challenge the status quo and inspire true action and transformation. And, most importantly, have grit, passion, and perseverance, and an unremitting eagerness to contribute to the success of our clients.


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  • Risk Leadership

    The purpose of risk management must go well beyond basic compliance. The why of risk management should not be managing risks. Instead, it must be about people learning to make better decisions. Doing that requires a focus on the development of people engagement and encouraging companywide analysis of risk and opportunity.

    To make a real impact, risk management must be integrated with organizational effectiveness, but little has been done so far to connect these two worlds - and this can, and must change.


    We are unique in several ways.


    Firstly, we focus on balancing risk and opportunity as the two sides of the coin that underpin uncertainty. Most leaders understand that a core responsibility of leadership is avoiding or mitigating risks that jeopardize organizational goals. At the same time, leaders also know that they must take calculated risks if they want to grasp opportunities and get breakthrough results. Therefore, we must embrace taking the right risks at the right moment to open up the organization to possibility. Effectively balancing these two realities will result in extraordinary success.


    Secondly, we bring bottom-up insights to risk and opportunity registers from people across the entire organization. The goal is to move from informed compliance to risk-awareness, engaged compliance, and critical thinking. Ultimately, this leads to an organization regarding those on the frontline as professional partners who identify, and point out risks and opportunities, providing the organization’s leadership sufficient time to be proactive well before threats harm the company, employees, customers, or other stakeholders. It also allows them to seize opportunities well before they slip away, potentially becoming a competitive advantage for rivals.


    Thirdly, we support risk managers in moving away from being siloed in solely managing risks from a top-down perspective in isolation from the rest of the organization.


    Even with all we know today about leadership and management one of the most untransformed areas of business is risk management.


    Currently, we observe leaders interested in having all their employees be de facto risk managers. There is a growing interest in having all employees enabled to monitor the actual level of risk and opportunity rather than rely on a static shot in time of what risk was identified during a risk workshop.


    Together with our clients we design & build uncertainty management approaches, ensuring that the right people see risks and opportunities at the right time, enabling teams to act with skill and confidence and extend the boundaries of what is possible in their response strategies.


    This is how an organization builds resilience and remains relevant in the decade ahead.


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  • Risk leadership Mindset™

    Building resilience through a risk and opportunity-aware culture is easier said than done. In Magnifor we like to compare culture with the wind. While it is invisible for everyone, no one escapes the effects that are seen and felt wherever you are. When it is blowing in your direction, it makes the sailing easy. When it is blowing against you, everything is more complicated.


    Old school risk management is very technocratic. To continue the metaphor with sailing: it is about knots and tactics. Modern risk leadership develops a crew’s desire to sail challenging journeys into unchartered territories. More and more we are coaching business leaders in how to mobilize all hands and minds on board in sharing what they know about the risk and opportunities related to their future vision, growth aspirations, and business goals.


    Culture change will not be achieved through top-down mandate only. At Magnifor, we believe that culture lives in people’s collective hearts and habits and their shared perception of, ‘how things are done around here.’ Because leaders play an essential role in the movement towards a risk culture, we have developed a Risk Leadership Mindset™ model. A mindset that is vital for any leader who wants to pivot teams and organisations towards a risk culture. The attributes of what shapes a Risk Leadership Mindset™ are further explained in the visual below.

    Leaders who develop a Risk Leadership Mindset™ will be better able to create radical foresight on risks and opportunities coming their way. They will be prepared to do what all great leaders do; help their teams deal with the increasing complexity and speed of change of our times.


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  • Risk FOcus™

    To stay competitive in a world dominated by uncertainty, our clients have to mitigate risk and grasp opportunities while simultaneously identifying new uncertainties as they surface at all their organizations’ levels. Our proprietary solution Risk Focus™ enables leaders and risk managers to act quickly and with confidence.
    Risks don’t rest and opportunities don’t wait. Risk Focus™ allows our clients to be pro-active and capture every uncertainty as it is identified, unfiltered. These are assigned to an owner and managed in a dedicated workflow. Leaders and risk managers can monitor and improve performance with executive dashboards. Ways of working that create competitive agility and help our clients be ahead of their game.


    Risk Focus™ raises risk awareness, transform our clients’ culture, and produces profound business results.


    This cloud-based digital solution supports teams and companies in crowdsourcing risks and opportunities. Having and utilizing a few simple screens in everybody’s pocket will stimulate the sharing of uncertainties, potential issues or simply observed anomalies. It allows each individual to raise their voice and identify uncertainties that might have a potential impact on their organization’s objectives. As some clients shared with us: ‘Risk Focus™ democratizes risk and opportunity insights.’


    The real value behind crowdsourcing is the engagement you can create: making sure that people are recognized for their inputs and given feedback of what was appreciated engages them further in the company and its objectives. In crowdsourcing, every voice counts and must have equal weight. Because no one of us is as smart as all of us.


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