• Risk Management CONSULTANCY Services

    Risk management, especially in these unprecedented times of uncertainty, requires organizational effectiveness. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients to help them capture uncertainties before they get the chance to grow into uncontrollable risk. We always start with a thorough analysis of our client’s current risk management practices and adoption thereof at all organization layers. We then move forward with our methodology of harnessing and applying a risk management culture in a structured but lean process that promotes organizational effectiveness.


    Based on the shared understanding of the client’s baseline, a customized step-by-step journey through the LCG Risk Management Model TM is co-created. We identify behaviors, processes, or organizational constraints that slow down, inhibit, or prevent effective uncertainty management. We drive progress through seven steps over three phases.


    The first phase focusses on compliance & regulatory bodies. First things first. Especially for those clients working in a regulated capital-intensive environment having a risk register compliant to ISO requirements is the starting point. In the next phase, we add emphasis on the opportunity of risk. The last stage generates an inclusive risk management culture where uncertainties are pivoted into opportunities, and risk-based decision making is the standard.


    We seek to inspire business leaders and empower risk managers. We collaborate with all our client’s workers, and their stakeholders like suppliers, ecosystem partners, and customers. Our consultants provide the technology to crowdsource uncertainties through our proprietary solution, Risk Focus TM. We sustainably embed a risk leadership mindset TM.


    All our consultants are accustomed to the highest demand regarding professionalism and expectations.


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  • Risk FOCUS

    RISK FOCUS is an Integrated solution for Risk Management based on a strategic and operational approach to raise awareness,

    transform cultures and produce business results.

    To stay competitive in a world dominated by uncertainty, our clients have to mitigate risk and grasp opportunities while simultaneously identifying new uncertainties as they surface at all their organizations’ levels. Magnifor Consulting's proprietary solution Risk Focus TM enablers leaders and risk managers to act quickly and with confidence.


    Risks don’t rest. Risk Focus TM enables our clients to be pro-active and capture every uncertainty as it is identified, unfiltered. These are assigned to an owner and managed in a dedicated workflow. Leaders and risk managers can monitor and improve performance with executive dashboards. Ways-of-working that create competitive agility and helps our clients being ahead of their game.

    Crowdsource your risks

    simultaneously, continuously, permanently
    ✔︎ Be proactive: every risk is captured as it is identified
    ✔︎ Stay ahead of your market: be the first to identify threats and opportunities
    ✔︎ No more fear of missing out: each opportunity and threat is assigned to an owner and managed in a dedicated workflow

    Real-time updates

    because real risk doesn’t rest
    ✔︎ Measure, prioritize and communicate risks
    ✔︎ Assign and follow-up on actions for every item
    ✔︎ Keep track of updated data anytime, anywhere
    ✔︎ Easy reporting (export your data in xls, css, xml, …)


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  • AD INTERIM Risk Management

    Our ad interim risk managers have been in our clients’ shoes as professionals. They have lived risk management jobs and challenging auditing roles in technology, industrial, supply chain and commercial settings.


    We help our clients meeting their most ambitious goals by redefining what’s possible. We enrich risk management capabilities. Amongst others, our core services include the creation of risk management plans and associated processes, re-alignment of existing risk management processes to ISO 31000. We execute qualitative and quantitative risk assessments.


    We provide project assistance and ad interim operational risk managers. Clients may engage in a modular manner or an end-to-end basis.


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