Powerfull or powerless in the virtual space. The choice is yours. December 8, 1 - 2.30 PM CET

· Online,Risk Leadership,Past Events

Our keynote speaker, Ghislaine Caulat, will show us what we do not know about what we don’t know about power in the virtual space. To create a culture of speaking up, you need to understand the power dynamics in virtual teams. And with the explosion of hybrid teams and the increasing pressure to protect the planet, it has become imperative to know how power works in virtual collaboration and leadership. Ghislaine will bring both in-depth knowledge and very practical tips for you to implement immediately.

This session will start on December 8 at 1 PM CET.

Please email rls@magnifor.com to let us know you want to join. We need your confirmation of attendance before November 22, 2023.