• Investment Strategy for Healthcare

    & Logistics Private Equity firm


    Our client sought insight and recommendations on the next steps for their healthcare and logistics assets in the Middle East. They required clarity on financial projections, business planning, and development opportunities, exit strategies, timing and approach, and identification of future growth engines.

  • Approach 

    Firstly, we thoroughly analyzed the local and regional markets and the existing realities of the client’s various operating companies regarding service offerings and leadership capabilities. Secondly, we created financial models that enabled our client to compare the different healthcare and logistics assets objectively.

    We developed and tested various hypotheses to maximize each operating company's return on capital employed (ROCE), delving deeper into existing and potential adjacent services. Finally, we modeled the value levers to improve the performance of existing assets, detailed potential synergies, defined exit strategies, and advised on future growth engines tailored to our client's investment strategy.

  • Impact 

    Our client has detailed plans for their current healthcare and logistics portfolio with preferred and alternative scenarios that maximize their investments over several time horizons. They have an objective lens through which they can compare their existing assets, qualitative and quantitative views of future growth engines in their healthcare and logistics markets, and their forecasted contribution to earnings.