Promoting curiosity in an organisation

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Our inaugural session in October was a huge success, with multiple voices coming back to us feeling more confident in integrating risk-awareness into their organizations’ strategy. Thus our Risk Leadership Society proceeds to connect relentlessly curious executives who aim to enhance their understanding of transforming leadership cultures based on risk and opportunity management principles.

We continue to see leaders increasingly aware of the need to incorporate new risks and opportunities experienced during the pandemic into their risk management practices. Positioning team(s) to thrive in the post-COVID decade ahead requires a deep understanding of the uncertainties and opportunities as they emerge and before the competition does.

Integration of risk management and organizational effectiveness will be a crucial differentiator. But little has been done so far to connect these two worlds, and this must change. Our Risk Leadership Mindset connects these spaces and will boost business performance and your people’s engagement.

The topic of this session was Curiosity – one of three key areas within the Risk Leadership Mindset. Curiosity is the passion that drives us through our everyday lives. Without this everlasting flame that burns in everyone's mind, humankind would not be where we are today. The main objective of the workshop was to co-create methods and behaviors that promote curiosity within an organization.

The agenda was as follows:

· Welcome word by Marischa van Zantvoort, founding partner and CEO Magnifor Consulting

· Small group introductions

· How curiosity boosts innovation, performance, and employee engagement by Alasdair Philip, founding partner Magnifor Consulting

· Breakout & workout; facilitated deep dives

· Debrief from each group

· Next steps