• Our inaugural session of the Risk Leadership Society is Friday, October 29th, 13 - 15 h. CET

  • For this first session in 2021, we have decided to keep it virtual and deliberately small in scale. That way, we make it equally accessible for all participants to join as many are still facing travel restrictions.


    We continue to see leaders increasingly aware of the need to incorporate new risks and opportunities experienced during the pandemic into their risk management practices. Positioning team(s) to thrive in the post-Corona decade ahead requires a deep understanding of the uncertainties and opportunities as they emerge and before the competition does.


    Integration of risk management and organizational effectiveness will be a crucial differentiator. But little has been done so far to connect these two worlds, and this must change. Our Risk Leadership Mindset TM connects these spaces and will boost business performance and your people’s engagement.


    The objective of this session is to co-create the guiding principles of what leading with a Risk Leadership Mindset TM entails.


    The agenda for this first two hour session will be:

    • Welcome word by Marischa van Zantvoort, founding partner and CEO Magnifor Consulting 
    • Small group introductions
    • How leading with a Risk Leadership Mindset TM boosts business and people performance by Alasdair Philip, founding partner Magnifor Consulting
    • Breakout & workout; facilitated deep dives 
    • Debrief from each group 
    • Next steps


    This session is on invitation only. When you want to join please contact marischa.van.zantvoort@magnifor.com or fill in the form below

  • the society's manifesto


    Why does the Risk Leadership Society exist?

    Our world today is filled with unrelenting change and unprecedented challenges. In such an increasingly uncertain environment, leading organizations is more challenging than ever. Executives that weave risk management practices into a leadership mindset and behaviors are best positioned to thrive in the future. Because risk management is not about managing risk, it is about people, making better risk-informed business decisions.

    Leaders know that they must take calculated risks if they want to grasp opportunities and get breakthrough results. Therefore, they must embrace taking the right risks at the right moment to open-up the organization to possibility. Effectively balancing these two realities will result in extraordinary success.

    The Risk Leadership Society is here to connect like-minded executives who want to help their teams and companies thrive in the roaring twenties of our time. Who aim to enhance understanding of how to transform leadership cultures based on the principles of risk and opportunity management.


    Who are we for?

    The Risk Leadership Society is for the relentlessly curious executives who are interested in understanding how management, risks, and opportunities intersect, and are committed to empower their people.

    What do we do?

    Our quarterly virtual meetings seek to discuss and review the most recent uncertainty management practices that must be addressed in our performance dialogues to deliver results beyond expectations. We will always have a certain topic scheduled to explore. Our inaugural session will be in the autumn of 2021. We would like an on-site annual event as well, and we plan this when new surges of Covid-19 are more surely behind us.

    Guiding principles

    ✔︎ We share stories, resources, learnings from best practices and failures, and expertise

    ✔︎ We listen and learn together

    ✔︎ We respect and seek diversity

    ✔︎ We share a passion to unleash the power of individuals and organizations

    ✔︎ We strive for continuous improvement

    ✔︎ We work based on trust

    ✔︎ We empathize with each other and the situations we are in

    ✔︎ We yearn for the future, we look forward to what’s next, we’re hungry for amazing new developments and horizons, and curious for breakthrough insights and developments

    What legacy do we want to leave?

    Sustainable, trustworthy, and safer work environments with people-oriented leadership cultures. Our actions influence future generations to come – we must enhance their chances for a bright future.


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